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In Conversation with Connor Sherry, Aston Villa's 'Ability Counts' captain

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

This team meets up every week at Villa Park and is part of the National Ability League. They are run by Nigel Macrow and their captain Connor Sherry has a podcast on our site. We are proud to say, he will be a regular contributor to Small Talk Sport.

Young man, glasses, smiling
Connor Sherry, Aston Villa's 'Ability Counts' Captain

My mum wanted him to 'give it a go...' in 2007/8 he made his debut playing Sunday matches at Villa park for the Ability Counts team. 'I used to be a striker, the coach said try right back, basically, I'm right-footed ..not so good on my left! I had a good go at it and it suited me more...I remember when I scored a goal once in a very important match I couldn't help myself feeling all kinds of different emotions.

“ I have been playing disability football since the age of 5 and now I'm 21 so that's about 16 years and it's really helped me a lot."

It's really helped me a to try and learn new things.... growing up I have autism and other needs and it was very hard to try and socialise with new people or get involved a lot, it was a bit of a struggle at first but I had loads of support from the staff, in particular Nigel, a Villa disability coach, runs disability sessions for younger groups to adults. He does a fantastic job and has worked at the Villa for over 30 years.

To hear Connors' full interview click on the podcast section of our website.

Connor Sherry in his Aston Villa gear

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