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Interview with Lucy Harborne, the descendent of The Great Bill Shankly

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Why football? Where did your love of the game come from?

In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure. Growing up, my grandad and Uncle were die-hard Liverpool fans. My grandad is related to The Great Bill Shankly, so I suppose I grew up around it. Although when I started to get older, especially over the last few years, love became an interest of mine rather than just family love.

Liverpool V Chelsea in the Carabao Cup Final. It went to penalties and Tuchel brought on a substitute goalie who missed his penalty! Liverpool won 11 - 10.

What was your earliest match memory, and where was it?

My first match memory was a Birmingham City game. My friends' parents had season tickets, and it was in the days when they were so desperate to fill the seats they did £1 kids' tickets to Sunday games.

We went along, and I just loved the matchday atmosphere; I guess this ties in with where my love came from. Once I'd had that actual match day pitch side experience, I suddenly became much more interested when my grandad had it on the TV!

Did you ever play? Do you have anyone in your family who plays professionally?

Nope, personally, I've never played. I did all I could to get out of PE at school.

Not anymore no, and no one I've ever met in my family has played, other than a kick around in the park.

I love when games go to penalties, even if it does mean I have to watch peeping from behind my fingers!

Your life-changing match?

My favourite recent match has to be the Man U v Villareal Europa league final, which is crazy because I'm absolutely not a fan of either team. But the penalty shootout going so far that the goalies had to take penalties, was the first time I'd ever really seen that happen. David De Gea missing his was the icing on the cake!

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